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"....We Adore our job! We are here to entertain and serve with style and class..."

    Tone is a band formed in Austin, TX in 2015 specifically designed for private events such as Wedding receptions and corporate parties. Tone employs Texas’ best veteran private party instrumentalists and vocalists and uses a highly extensive and versatile song selection; all the while possessing a marvelous knack for "playing to the crowd" switching styles and genres to keep the dance floor full and the energy of the party jumping all night. Austin bands have always had a stigma for being the best bands in the state hailing from Austin, Texas the "Live music capital of the world" with more bands per capita than any other city in the world.  Tone makes every effort to be the best of the best from the quality of performance and musical ability to the most simple but critical aspects of solid customer service for our clients and event coordinators. Tone is here for your event to entertain and serve your party’s needs. If the truth was known, it is probably the competition from so many Austin bands that inspire Tone to strive to a level of such excellence.  Constant progression and growth drive this band to learn the “right” tunes and vigilantly fine tune its showmanship, in order to consistently deliver a flabbergasting energetic show . Tone is two steps ahead of the the next Austin band.


    TONE specializes in wedding receptions, Corporate Events and assorted private engagements. We are dedicated to making your special day a phenomenal success! Our leader, Russell Warren Mayes is available to emcee for all the peak moments at your reception/event including announcing of bride and groom, best man toast, bouquet and garter toss, cutting of the cake, introductions and any other momentous events you may have planned FREE of any extra charge. Commonly, while guests are eating dinner during our first set, we perform breathtaking dinner music that people can dance to if they prefer, but the volume is never too loud if they care to enjoy their dinner and converse comfortably.  We gradually increase our volume in later sets and increase the tempos of our song choices as the night builds to its climax.  Even so, We've never once been required to turn our 4000 Watt PA anywhere near "11" to keep our dance floors full. It's always about the song choices. Song choices make the night and the act a success, and we've got the best songs!  Generally, the band performs over a four hour period, which consists of three one hour sets with two half hour breaks.   Various activities (speeches, cutting cake, bouquet toss, awards, presentations etc.) usually are coordinated to occur during those breaks. Tone can also be scheduled to play overtime if desired, even last minute. To keep the party momentum going, Russell Mayes will DJ music on our breaks FREE of extra charge as well.  We have hundreds of songs that we can choose from, to match any sort of crowd we are playing for and will happily fulfill DJ requests during the breaks. Tone’s song list is a much larger selection than most private engagement bands have. This band plays all genres, including standards (Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.), Motown, Disco, oldies for matured guests as well as current Pop and Hip Hop dance, country and Rock &Roll coveted by the youthful.  if the crowd is into it, we cover every era of commercial music fluidly changing styles to please and engage the crowd and keep the dance floor packed all night. We can wear tuxedos and Gowns, Suits and black dresses, Dress casual or even add crazy themed costumes later in the night to entertain and amuse your guests more outrageously!

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